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HomeNewsDigitization NewsTRAI sets June 25 deadline to submit CAF forms for DAS
Saturday, 22 June 2013 16:39

TRAI sets June 25 deadline to submit CAF forms for DAS

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The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) had on 7th June 2013 put the cable TV subscribers of Digital Addressable Cable TV Systems (DAS) to their respective cable operator or Multi System Operators (MSOs) latest by 25th June 2013. The reason for this was that in terms of the Digital Addressable Cable TV Systems Regulations, 2012, the MSOs can transmit digital signals and activate the set top boxes only after receiving the CAF from the consumer with his/her preference. If there is no form, the MSOs are obliged under law not to transmit the signals and deactivate the cable connection.

To educate and sensitize consumers on this, TRAI has been issuing public notices from time to time. The broadcasters and the cable TV service providers have also been running scrolls and video programmes on major subscribers to submit the duly filled-in consumer application forms.

The Authority has reviewed the progress and observed that even though there has been an increase in the number of subscribers who have provided the details, still there is pendency with respect to the availability of complete consumer details with the cable operators/MSOs. As per the details provided by the MSOs, around 50% of the active subscribers of Delhi have provided their details and choice of channels to cable operators/MSOs till date. The authority thanks subscribers for the-co-operation extended to it, in submission of the CAF to the MSOs.

In views of the requirements of Digital Addressable Cable TV Systems Regulations, 2012, MSOs have no other option but to switch off the signals of those consumers who have not submitted their CAF, otherwise such MSOs would be in breach of the law. The authority once again reiterates its request to the subscribers to submit the CAF with their choice of channels, by 25th June 2013, failing which the MSOs would have no option other than to switch them off.

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